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This Month's Specials...

Dart Iron Eagle S/S 165 cc Heads
$659.00 pair
2.02 x 1.60 valves add $50.00

New stock replacement cast iron heads for small block Chevy’s.  Assembled with new 1.94 x 1.50 stainless steel valves, .525 lift springs, and 7 degree retainers, locks, and umbrella seals. This head is shipped with a 72 CC high torque combustion chamber, 165 CC intake runner and 3/8 screw in studs. Both perimeter and center bolt valve covers will bolt on.  Fits all pre 86 small block Chevy’s

Now available in Vortec and TBI intake bolt patterns

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Dart 360 Aluminum Big Block Chevy Heads & Intake Manifold
List: $4,840.00
$3,950.00 pair

1 of a kind set...One set of Dart 360 heads with a matching intake manifold. These heads are assembled with 2.300 x 1.88 stainless steel valves, .660 lift roller springs. 10 degree retainer and locks and teflon seals, ARP studs and Manley guide plates.  The heads have had the bowls blended, intake port matched and the chambers polished.   The manifold is for a 10.2 deck height block and machined for a Dominator carb.  Then the entire outside surfaces have been completely show polished. This set up is ready for assembly to your engine block.

One Set Only...Show Polished!

Ford 5.0 Heads
$795.00 pair

This is a set of heads for the car owner that’s wants to keep his engine stock appearing. A set of E6SE casting Ford Windsor heads. They have had a complete port and polish job done.  Then assembled with 1.90 x 1.60 stainless steel valves, .550 lift springs, 7 degree chrome moly retainers, locks and new umbrella seals.  The heads have been milled and the chambers are now a real 68 CC chamber size. The stock pedestals or bolt down bosses are ready for a roller rocker.

Close Out Speical!

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